7 reasons to choose worcester bosch for your next boiler
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7 Reasons to choose a Worcester Bosch boiler

Originally founded in 1962, Worcester became part of the Worldwide Bosch Group in 1996 and they are the UK market leader in domestic boilers. A Worcester Bosch boiler is not only energy-efficient, but it's also an eco-friendly choice. Worcester serves the environment by introducing eco-friendly packaging that is widely recyclable or bio-degradable.

These smart Worcester Bosch boilers have a lot to offer, so explore 7 reasons to choose a Worcester Bosch boiler.

1. Save on your energy bills

Any new boiler does not come without the expense of maintenance. However, Worcester Bosch would offer a brief guide to save extra pennies. You can act smart with your boiler control and see the difference in your energy bills, and the new range of boilers are the most efficient yet.

In addition, if you turn down your thermostat, it would help you save 10% on your bills. Turning off the boiler when you are not using it would also be a good tactic. Besides, adjusting the boiling setting according to your lifestyle, like maintaining the temperature and powering off radiators where not in use, can help you save a significant amount.  This can be done now with ease through Worcester Bosch smart thermostats.

2. Durable Boilers

Worcester Bosch claims to manufacture boilers with high-quality raw material, "Our commitment to the highest standards of manufacturing over the last 50 years, has led to us being consistently being recommended by Which? for both our gas and oil boiler ranges, and for Worcester to receive a Royal Warrant for supplying our boilers to Her Majesty The Queen’s Sandringham Estate."  

Manufactured in their UK site base in Worcester and back with up to 12 years guarantee.

3. Different boiler options for every home

Getting the best boiler for your home can be a complex task since there are various boilers available in the market. Worcester Bosch offers three different types of boilers that users can choose according to their budget, space, and preferences. They have:

  • Combi Boilers 

Combi boilers are relatively small in size and the most common boiler type in the UK. Also, they are energy efficient but have a somewhat slower water rate, so that can be a disappointment for many, but now with storage combis and higher flowrates they are a lot more flexible. 

  • System Boilers 

If your water consumption is more, you should opt for this. It uses a dedicated cylinder to store hot water. Thus promises a constant hot water supply to the number of taps at the same time.

  • Regular Boilers 

It is also an ideal choice for more than two bathrooms. It is more like a traditional one and a cost-effective decision to update the entire heating system at home. Different boilers

4. Modern Design

You can expect elegant, modern, and stunning boilers from Worcester Bosch. Their attractive appearance won’t compromise their performance, with new technology providing better hot water, lower running costs, maximising efficiency and new Worcester Bosch thermostats to complement which boiler you need. 

5. Technology Oriented

Worcester Bosch strives to integrate innovative technology for the user’s convenience. It offers pairing with Bosch EasyControl and allows adjusting the performance as well as controlling the entire system with your phone, voice or smart device. Worcester Bosch has now also started to look into renewable sources for the energy of their boilers with recent prototypes with Hydrogen. 

6. British Built Boilers

As touched on before, the main headquarters for Worcester Bosch is in Worcester and is also the site of their gas boiler production factory, this means long term, availability for parts and spare for your boiler as well as making servicing and maintenance a lot easier, something definitely worth thinking about when choosing a new boiler that will be in your home for years to come.

7. Guarantee

With all, new Worcester Bosch boilers, they come backed by the manufacturer with a guarantee ranging from 5 years to a maximum of 12 years, completely free and covers everything inside the boiler, as long as it is serviced annually by a gas safe registered engineer.

Also, Worcester make a clear statement on the fact that it is a guarantee and not a warranty with their boilers,  you can read more via the link below.

Guarantee vs Warranty

Final Word on choosing a Worcester Bosch Boiler

These are all the valid reasons to choose your next boiler from Worcester Bosch. Their products promise quality, durability, and long-term effectiveness.

The brand has every kind of boiler under one roof, so set your budget, preference, and decide with your installer before investing and enjoy mainly hassle-free years to come.

For advice on installing a Worcester Bosch Boiler in Wakefield our team our on hand to help. Please use the link below for more information or call our friendly team on 01924682138.

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