why is it important to get your boiler serviced?
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Why is it important to get your boiler serviced?

You're thinking about getting your boiler serviced, but why? What is actually involved when a gas safe engineer carries out an annual boiler service?

Below is a quick run-through of what you should expect from an annual boiler service.

What should you expect from a boiler service?

At CDRoberts, we carry out a basic safety test that includes checking the flue is correct and in good condition. We check that the right amount of air or ventilation is getting to the boiler; test the gas supply to ensure it is adequate; and correct gas pressure at the boiler. Finally, we test the safety devices fitted to your boiler and make sure these are working correctly in case there is a fault. These are all important steps to keep the boiler working safely. Very similar to a car MOT these are the minimum requirements.

So what else should you expect from the annual boiler service? This is where things can differ...

Getting the best boiler service

Let’s start with the main heat exchanger. All boilers have one and this is like the car engine, very important but often neglected. Depending on the manufacturer these can need cleaning out on the combustion side from every year to only when test readings require. If you booked your boiler service in the Wakefield and Pontefract area with CDRoberts this would be included as standard.

Next up is the expansion vessel. These are found inside most combi boilers and help control the pressure in your heating system, so it’s very important to make sure they are working correctly - at the right pressure and are not leaking or failing.

Most modern boilers have a condensate trap that should be cleaned out on the service to stop a build-up of debris, which could cause serious issues if not kept on top of. A few more items would be checked as standard on the annual boiler service: flue and case seals. It’s important these are in good condition as this could cause carbon monoxide poisoning if failed.

In addition, we carry out a thorough inspection of internal components for water leaks or corrosion because keeping on top of any issues stops any more serious, and costly, problems from arising in the future.

As with most modern boilers, it’s also important to check they are working correctly, this involves testing the gas supply is adequate to the boiler, and a combustion analysis test which is then recorded digitally onto our service record certificate which would be supplied at the end of the service.

Once the service is complete we would also give any advice or recommendations from any findings. We can also add your details to our database so then we can remind you annually when your boiler service is due, which is perfect not only for safety reasons but also for home insurance and boiler manufacturer warranties.

Need help with a boiler service?

Overall, getting your boiler serviced annually by a local gas safe registered engineer like CDRoberts not only improves boiler efficiency but also keeps it working longer and safer. If you require a boiler service and you live in the Wakefield, or Pontefract area get in touch to arrange yours.

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